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The great wall

The Great wall has been the one of the very important early Asian wonders in the world, the visit to the great wall in Beijing is a must for the visitors in China. There are many ways to explore the great wall like to walk on foot, hiking and camping overnight at undeveloped sections of the great wall not bustling with visitors helps to expose you to great wall at its best. The Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world made of materials like wood, tamped earth, stone, and brick. It was initially built to protect the early Chinese empires against attacks and assaults of the other rulers of the Eurasian range. There were several walls built 2000 years ago and later joined with each other to make a colossal and stable wall, now known as the Great Wall of China. The great wall is approximately 5000km long and has a thickness lying between 4.5 to 9 meters.

Hiking at The Great wall of China

There are places on the Great wall, where one can enjoy the real spirit of the great wall and avoid huge rush of people with peace. Hiking The Great wall will reveal the many sections that are maintained to the highest standards. The wall passes over mountains. The towers of the wall perch uncertainly atop rugged ridges. This was the wall that defended the China and protected its proud people, took years to construct and cost the lives of many people in its construction. Hiking The Great wall in Beijing is truly the best way to appreciate such a great feat of engineering.

What sections to visit the Great Wall of China

It depends on the situations and preferences. There are three types of Great wall, there is something different on each site but these all are great sceneries.

1. The Jinshanling- Simataiā€“GubeikouGreat Wall

The Gubeikou’s great wall is attractive as there are a finite number of relics and ancient villages where Chinese culture is unspoiled. On its way of Jinshanling, the wall has fewer visitors and looks like wonderful natural scenery. Great wall of Simatai and Jinshanling is an awesome part of the ancient Ming dynasty.

2. The Mutianyu -Jiankou Great Wall

Hiking off the great wall of Mutianyu starts from the Zhenbeilou Watchtower located at Jiankou. There are fabulous views of ruined walls and natural sceneries along with tablets engraved using Chinese calligraphy and a significant number of stone statues. The watchtowers at these walls are restored completely to their desired glory. The path between these walls is really rough and paved.

3. The Huanghuacheng Great Wall

The Great Wall of Huanghuacheng is not like the other parts. There are so many quite reservoirs and lakes. Along the way, there are 6 fortified passes, 32 guard towers, and 12 beacon towers. Hiking at the Huanghuacheng’s great wall is very easy and not so challenging like the other great walls.

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