Gorakhpur- The Beautiful Destination in East Uttar Pradesh


In the east Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur is the entrance from Nepal and Bihar in India. It is known for its historical and religious reasons in the world. There are many historical places in the city and near the city like Geeta Press, Kushinagar Temple, Maghar and more that becomes the reason of attractions for the tourists. It becomes the gateway for the tourists who arrive from Tibet, Nepal, China (via Nepal) and Tibet. There are many famous destinations around the city and to visit there visitors make the home city to Gorakhpur.

Gorakhpur has the major connections from all the famous cities of India by airways, trains, buses and car rental services that help the tourists to visit here without difficulties. There are some famous destinations that will help you to take full enjoy of the city.

Gorakhnath Temple: –

Gorakhnath temple may be the best option if you are visiting here for the religious purposes. It is known for Saint Goraksh Nath and at the name of this temple, Gorakhpur also known as ‘Nath Nagari’. Every Monday in the morning, people arrive in a large number to worship and water consignment. The millions of people visit on the occasion of Makar Sankranti while the Khichadi fair organized for one month in the month of January and February. It is just 4km from the main city and 3 km from Dharmshala.


Geeta press is the famous printing press in the world that sells cheapest religious books, mostly Hindu religion’s books. There are Ramayan, Ramcharitra Manas, Bhagawat Geeta, Upanishads, Puranas and many more Hindu epics and other religion’s books printed and sold here. You can visit here within half an hour from the main city for approximately 3 km.

Ramgarh Lake: –

If you are visiting for pleasure and not arriving at Ramgarh Lake then your pleasure will be only half because the gorgeousness of the natural beauty of the lake touches the heart. In the morning and evening, a huge crowd arrives on the banks of the lake and take enjoy of sunrise, sunset and boating in the Lake. At the south-west corner of the Lake, you can visit for Circuit House, Ambedkar Park and Tara Mandal. It is situated in the east-south of the city and at a few minutes riding distance from the main city. You can hire a car in Gorakhpur and visit the entire city also.

Neer Nikunj Water Park (Champa Devi Park): –

On the bank of Ramgarh Lake, Neer Nikunj is the other reason of attraction that entices the mind while you are passing through the Ramgarh Lake. The other name of this park is Champa Devi Park. It may be the good option for the picnic on holidays. You have to pay entry fees for the entrance. In Neer Nikunj, there are the arrangements for the bathing and many other source of entertainment like swing, DJ dance, boating and many more.

The Water Park is just aside of the Ramgarh Lake and approx. 3 km from Gorakhpur Railway Station. From airport, it is 5 km where you can arrive by taxi service from Gorakhpur Airport.

Vindhyavashini Park (V Park): –

Vindhyavashini Park is also known as V Park and offers the best views for the tourists without any entry fees. There are many sources of entertainment here like hammock, garden, park for playing the children and flower garden etc. There are the Rail Museum, Railway Stadium and Deen Dayal Gorakhpur University near the Park that help you to increase your pleasure. It is approx. one kilometer from Railway Bus stand.

City Mall: –

The City Mall is the place where you can full fill your all desires either for entertainment or shopping or restaurant all the facilities are available here. There is SRS cinema which offers multiple movies daily in its 3 Audis. On the lower ground of the mall, you will find the Spenser for household items and more; on second floor, 7days restaurant. Moti Mahal Deluxe Restaurant is also just east side of the mall that offers the many charming services. The City Mall is less than one kilometer from the Railway bus stand.

Baldev Plaza: –

In amidst city of Gorakhpur, Baldev Plaza is the main market in Golghar that offers the facilities for shopping and entertaining. There are the some famous restaurants and malls near the Baldev Plaza like President Hotel, Mangalam Tower, Bobina Hotel, Shahi market and more. It is one and half kilometer from the Railway Station and same from the Railway Bus Stand.

Gorakhpur Railway Station: –

The most famous destination of Gorakhpur city, Gorakhpur Railway Station has created a boom in the world at the basis of its longest platform. It is the longest platform of the world which length is 1366 meters. It is well connected from the all major cities of India and approx. 100 trains stay per day, originated and Terminated from here. With the 10 platforms, it is becoming the reason of attraction for the travellers.

There are car rental services in Gorakhpur that helps the travellers to visit all the destination places in the city and out of the city. While you are arriving here you can check the internet for the taxi services and take the assistance of online cab booking in Gorakhpur also that will help you to easily visit entire the city and famous destinations.

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