Best places to Dine in Kalka and Pinjore


Our guide to some of the quintessential places that make eating on your trip to the Shimla worth it!!Pinjore & Kalka two major stopovers on the way to the country’s most scenic hill station makes sure to give your taste buds a treat .Though Pinjore being famous for its garden and kalka for its architectural tourist places still visitors can have a good and relaxing time in hotels in kalka and pinjore which not only offer some yummlicious food at economical rates but even beautifully designed rooms with all the useful amenities for the travellers can be found here.

Some of the main Restaurants are

  1. Shelly Restaurant -in this town this restaurant’s food is surely a thing for life to try for!!You will find all the tidy and clean ambience along with the best of the menu options in this small town restaurant, The vibe inside the restaurant is excellent too! The best thing about this hotel  is that it’s just at a stone’s throw distance from Kalka railway station. You don’t have to walk miles or wait for a cab for too long to reach in here.
  2. Cheeze box-If you looking for some good snacking rather a full fledged meal then this place is a must visit, take a stopover at this place and have some good Chai time along with delicious cheese samosa or channa bhatura. A very nice and hygienic restaurant just very close to kalka railway station.
  3. Raju  Palace hotel-In case you are new to this place let’s talk about “The feel Good Factor” it’s that intangible thing apart from food and service that makes you bring back to a restaurant, and Raju palace Hotel in kalka surely gives you this pleasure of experiencing this factor. This place is one of the best tourist spots to visit for and to lure your senses and give you the best recreational holiday experience.
  4. Oasis Restaurant-One of the oldest restaurants situated at Pinjore gardens will surely give you the best of the food and a very serene ambience. Though, there are many Hotels in Pinjore but for a yummy food break this place is a must visit. A best and hygienic restaurant near  kalka railway station.
  5. The other places of neat and tidy dining include Saini Dhaba and Krishna cafe .Close to Kalka railway station these places offer a decent food menu alongwith good ambience if not very great!!

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