Infrastructure, Cost of Living, Climate Make Malaysia Perfect for Retirement

Malaysia has always been one of the best destinations to retire. Its people, cost of living, climate and infrastructure are some of the key reasons why people consider retirement in Malaysia. Moreover, nature and culture also appeal people for prolonged stay. Take a look at the primary reasons that make Malaysia perfect for retirement.


The infrastructural scenario of Malaysia is improving. During your stay in Malaysia, you will not face problems with the internet coverage, as there are good connectivity options available everywhere. Kuala Lumpur and all the major cities offer high-speed Internet facilities.

Other than the Internet facility, transport system in Malaysia is advanced. All major cities and towns offer services of air conditioned trains and buses. The places are well connected with regional and domestic airlines. Most of the roads are well built. The expressways are well maintained that help you your journey become pleasant.

Cost of Living:

Malaysia boasts rich culture. However, the cost of living is not as low as other lesser developed countries. As compared to the western developed countries, prices of goods and services are cheaper in Malaysia. You can get domestic help, accommodation, entertainment, medical expenses, clothing at a lower price as compared to developed countries.

When you visit a restaurant, you can relish on a sumptuous meal at around USD10 per person. If you have a child along with you, taking care of him or her is not at all problem. You can hire a full time live-in maid whose salary range between USD300-500 per month. Not only that, the maid takes care of your child, she can serve you as a house keeper. Therefore, you can spend your time more productively.

Rental accommodations are easily available across Malaysia. A furnished three-bedroom accommodation on a rental basis in Penang costs at least USD500 per monthly (fully furnished). There are many people who opt to buy an apartment or house. Malaysia is the only country in South East Asia that allows foreignersto own land outright under their names and the ownership of the land and buildings can be freehold.


There are no seasons in Malaysia and the temperature is uniform throughout the whole year although it tends to be hotter around January to March in the northern regions. Humidity is high, thus you don’t have to use moisturizer and heavy rain can fall in the evening. They are very localized rains in which it can rain on one end of the road and the other end is dry. In the tropics, winds are light and irregular. The highland areas are cool. The average night temperature varies between 21 and 24°C. 

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